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First European Assembly of Contemporary Art Centres

Paris 08/03/2022 3:30 pm d.c.a (French Association for the Development of Contemporary Art Centres) together European partners

Since 2015, DCA — French national network of contemporary art centres has worked with European artistic institutions to develop a network of art centres which is established on a large area including western Europe, Scandinavia, southern Europe and eastern Europe.

Although faced with differing political and socio-economic contexts and everyday experiences, contemporary art centres in Europe share common cultural practices, concerns and values.

In 2022, DCA (French National Network of Contemporary Art Centres) and its partners announced the inaugural edition of the European Assembly of Contemporary Art Centres. A series of four online meetings, where art workers, artists, curators, institutional directors, thinkers and researchers will share inspirations, ideas and actions advancing towards gender equality and diversity in contemporary art centres and cultural institutions at large.

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