New Chair of the Board and Board Members

Following the General Assembly in April, The Association of Norwegian Kunsthalles has named Antonio Cataldo chair of the board for 2023—25 and Katja Van Etten Jarem and Cecilie Nissen board members for the same period. The chairpersonship and the board’s seats are honorary positions working closely with the rest of the board and other umbrella organizations in the cultural field to secure better artistic, curatorial, and managerial exposition conditions within the visual arts field. It also works as an organ of political lobbying with key governmental and non-governmental organizations to affect policy-making and strategic planning within the Norwegian arts and culture. Cataldo is currently the Artistic Director of the Kunsthalle Fotogalleriet, a position he has held since 2018. Katja Van Etten Jarem is the current Director of Trafo Kunsthall, Asker, and Cecilie Nissen, Director at Kristiansand Kunsthall. The board of The Association of Norwegian Kunsthalles comprises Kristina Ketola Bore, Deputy Chair (Curator at Kunsthall Stavanger); Malin Barth (Director at Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen); and Katrine Elise Agpalza Pedersen (Curator at Kunsthall Trondheim).


The board of The Association of Norwegian Kunsthalles has been tasked with finding resources and constructing knowledge about the centrality of kunsthalles work in the art ecosystem in Norway and providing material evidence of the conditions for filling the gap between the artist’s studio and the museum by commissioning research in the field and interacting with local and international actors in such search for a positionnement of the Kunsthalles role as leading curatorial enterprises in an artist career and the last step for them to reach the reigns of museums. The board is set to work closely with funding bodies and other umbrella organizations to develop the conditions for a better understanding of the different tasks of cultural institutions in Norway and for a more significant and equal redistribution of material and immaterial resources for kunsthalles to be equated with similar organizations worldwide to continue to provide the highest conditions for its local and international audiences in a country with a widespread and diverse cultural offer in its extensive territory, mindful of the many material and immaterial cultures inhabiting it.


The board of The Association of Norwegian Kunsthalles would like to thank the outgoing chairperson, Kathrine Wilson, who worked on securing a structured networked presence for The Association of Norwegian Kunsthalles for the past two years.