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Kunsthall 3,14

Kunsthall 3,14 promotes and produce contemporary art and act as an engaging place of artistic creation, critical thought, and dialog. We objective to debate on relationship of aesthetics and politics. Our program reflects the artists´ engagement with historical and/or current events in a globalized world. Artists from different socio-political backgrounds and cultures, worldviews and generations are brought together in our exhibition program that aims to be a constant revolving network that generates interactive relations. We provide an engaging environment to inform, inspire and challenge our audiences and to be an accessible resource that elevates the role of art in contemporary culture. Kunsthall 3,14 focus the artworks which explore issues of political, social, economic and environmental issues supports processes that promote analysis and common understanding.


The Norwegian Royal Ministry of Culture, and Vestland County Council provides Kunsthall 3,14 principal operating support; additional operational funding comes from Bergen Municipality.

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